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With Megaphone, you reach the right audience at the right time on premium podcasts—no wasted impressions. You know why listeners took action via metrics like attribution and brand lift. And you run only on brand-safe podcasts, guaranteed.

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Data-driven custom ad content
Utilizing years of experience and cutting-edge data to develop breakthrough audio ads that envelop the user and drive results.
Targeting at scale
60,000 audience segments targeting listeners by interest, purchase behavior, and demographics across all podcast apps, devices, and platforms.
Dynamic ad insertion
Ad spots are populated upon podcast download, ensuring messaging is fresh and relevant.
Actionable campaign insights
Bringing next-generation metrics like attribution and brand lift to on-demand audio for the first time.

How it works

Reach the listeners that matter. See how it works.

Advertiser benefits

Solving the challenges of traditional podcast advertising.

Unprecedented listener reach

Implement the same targeting parameters as your other digital media campaigns to reach the right audience without any wasted impressions.

Efficient execution

Buy according to audience rather than on a show by show level. Record one set of ads that can be played across all shows.

True measurement

Analyze performance across a range of metrics, including brand lift and attribution.

Guaranteed brand safety

Build best-in-class, custom ads through Megaphone Studio with ability to pre-screen before airing. Run across a premium network of professionally produced content.

Delivering Results

Megaphone campaign drives a lift in online sales for a department store chain during key holiday period.
A major department store chain partnered with Megaphone to drive sales around a key shopping holiday. In-market shoppers across key demographics were targeted and an attribution study was commissioned to measure ad effectiveness. The campaign drove a 29% lift in site traffic and 41% increase in online sales.
National insurance company sees major lift in quote requests following Megaphone campaign
A national insurance company collaborated with Megaphone to drive site visits and quote requests among in-market consumers. A post-campaign attribution study measured a 33% lift in site visits and a 62% increase in quote starts.
Megaphone campaign drives major lift in awareness and purchase intent for new CPG product
A multibrand CPG company sought to increase awareness and trial of a new product by advertising across Megaphone Targeted Marketplace. A brand lift study reported that the campaign garnered a 9x lift in brand awareness and 42% increase in purchase intent.
Megaphone campaign results in major lift in awareness and consideration intent for financial services company
A Fortune 100 financial services company partnered with Megaphone to increase awareness and consideration of its retirement investment options among key demographics. At the end of the campaign, the advertiser saw a 14x lift in brand recall and a 77% increase in consideration intent.
Major automotive manufacturer sees lift in purchase intent and model favorability through Megaphone campaign
A global automotive company partnered with Megaphone to drive consideration for its new luxury sports car. A brand lift study measured a 55% lift in brand recall and 15% in model favorability.
Global tech company sees lift in purchase intent and brand recall through Megaphone campaign
Megaphone partnered with a leading tech company to increase awareness and purchase intent for one of its new consumer products. A brand lift study measured a 3.5x lift in brand recall and a 24% increase in brand preference.

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