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CNBC Partners with Megaphone

Global leader in business news will use Megaphone for podcast distribution and monetization

New York, NY (December 2, 2019) - Megaphone, the leader in enterprise podcast hosting and advertising technology, announced today that CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, will begin using Megaphone’s innovative publishing and monetization tools for its network of podcasts.  

CNBC will use Megaphone’s streamlined hosting, publishing, dynamic ad insertion, campaign management, forecasting and analytics. CNBC will also leverage Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) to deliver targeted ads to its podcast listeners, supplementing its direct sales and boosting monetization of its podcast inventory.  

Providing real-time business and markets news to more than 410 million homes worldwide, CNBC is extending its iconic brands and franchises to new platforms and audiences by growing its suite of podcasts. The current podcast portfolio includes Squawk Pod, Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer, American Greed, Squawk on the Street, Fortt Knox with Jon Fortt, and The Profit, among others. Megaphone’s sophisticated ad insertion and trafficking technology will help support CNBC as it expands its content lineup and continues to leverage its reporting and storytelling expertise in the podcast space.  

“The media landscape is changing rapidly and we are pleased to see a powerful and respected news organization like CNBC recognize a mainstream market for podcasting,” said Brendan Monaghan, CEO of Megaphone. “This is just the start of a mutually beneficial relationship that will set the tone for what media, and business journalism in particular, can accomplish in this space.”

About Megaphone

Megaphone is a US-based podcast technology company that provides hosting and ad-insertion capabilities for publishers and targeted ad sales for brand partners. The Megaphone platform connects enterprise-level podcasters and media companies with best-in-class tools to publish, monetize, and measure their audio content. Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) revolutionizes podcast advertising by offering brands unprecedented listener reach, true measurement, efficient execution, and guaranteed brand safety. Megaphone Creative Solutions (MCS) provides end-to-end creative services for advertisers, developing breakthrough audio ads that envelop the user and drive results.

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