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Panoply and Veritonic Partner to Bring Custom Data-Driven Creative to Podcast Advertising

Initial testing finds that targeted, announcer-read ads perform best among listeners

New York, NY (February 2019) - Panoply Media has partnered with Veritonic, the first analytics platform to quantify the value of sound. With Veritonic, Panoply will supplement its years of experience in the podcasting space to develop best practices for producing impactful audio advertising content, while helping its advertising partners choose the most effective ad creative for their campaigns across Panoply’s Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM).

Since its inception in 2015, Veritonic has been a pioneer in online testing and optimization, helping advertisers, audio platforms and others make data-driven decisions in audio creative. They have worked with many of the audio giants in the streaming space such as Spotify, Pandora, and CBS, but Panoply is the company’s first podcast-exclusive partner. Panoply will utilize the platform’s machine listening and learning technology  to garner insights into what resonates best with podcast listeners across different demographics and advertiser categories. The strategy includes A/B testing across various advertising and sound design elements, like voice, script, keywords, tone, and music.

“Panoply is dedicated to creating ad content that engages listeners, builds brands and drives results for advertisers,” said Ken Lagana, Head of Sales and Marketing at Panoply Media. “Veritonic’s platform will aid our continued effort to write the playbook on effective audio advertising content and work towards extending the intimacy of a host read to a more scalable solution. Leveraging these learnings across our Megaphone Targeted Marketplace will help us to deliver the most impactful campaigns for our advertising partners.”

Panoply conducted an initial survey-based test, in which listeners evaluated a sample of ads that have run across the Panoply network. The spots spanned multiple verticals, including consumer electronics, CPG, entertainment, finance, retail, telco, and travel, and included both host-read and announcer-read options. While announcer- read and host-read ads were rated similarly across the board, the announcer-read ads proved more effective at driving purchase intent, showing a 61% higher lift than host-read ads. Furthermore, announcer-read ads were identified by respondents as more authentic, innovative, and modern. In terms of relevance, ads that were targeted based on demo and psychographics scored higher than those that were simply contextually- targeted. Panoply plans to delve further into these findings with continued testing throughout the year.

“Our partnership with Panoply solidifies their role as one of the most forward-thinking ad services and technology companies in the audio market,” said Scott Simonelli, CEO and co-founder of Veritonic. “Grounded in an evidence-based approach to decision making and creating best practices for the audio industry, our work together will ensure that podcast advertising continues to be as engaging, impactful, and user-friendly as possible.”

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About Veritonic

Veritonic is the audio effectiveness company–the first analytics platform built specifically to quantify the value of sound. With an easy way to understand which audio is most impactful and leverage it consistently–in everything from ads to sonic logos, podcasts to smart speaker applications--the world’s leading audio platforms, brands and others cultivate deeper relationships with customers, and save time and money in the process. Veritonic is headquartered in New York with offices in Newark, London and Denver.

About Panoply Media

Panoply Media provides breakthrough podcast technology for publishers and advertisers through the Megaphone platform and Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM). Megaphone is designed to connect publishers with best-in-class tools to publish, monetize and measure their audio content. MTM is the first and only targeted ad marketplace in podcasting, combining targeted reach at scale, best-in-class creative, and actionable measurement to drive impactful results for advertisers.

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