A More Comprehensive Look into Impression Reporting

A More Comprehensive Look into Impression Reporting

Megaphone launches an industry-leading audience insights dashboard powered by Nielsen that showcases audience data to drive publisher monetization and content strategy.

Podcast publishers need comprehensive impression-level data to get a full picture of podcast performance. Unfortunately, this picture is often incomplete. Without an understanding of how impressions are being filled across different dimensions, like podcast or episodes, publishers are unable to get full visibility into how their podcasts are doing.

That’s why we’re happy to announce a new update to our Impressions Dashboard which expands the scope of reporting beyond campaigns or orders. This enhanced dashboard adds two new views, giving publishers real-time visibility into impressions over a set time period at the podcast- and episode-level.

Our robust impressions offering gives publishers a more comprehensive look into performance with four preset views that make the process simple. There’s no need to manipulate data or create new views to get these individual dashboards - each is readily available within the Impressions tab of Megaphone’s platform. Plus, each dashboard can be exported via CSV so you can have your data available in your reporting dashboards of choice.

Megaphone’s Impressions Dashboard is available in all markets. For more information, reach out to support-megaphone@spotify.com.