Megaphone Studio Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Megaphone Studio Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Center of excellence for audio creative hits milestone, with nearly 500 campaigns delivered, 250 in production for 2020 as advertisers pour into podcast medium

Reston, Virginia (October 22, 2020) - Megaphone, the leader in enterprise podcast hosting and advertising technology, today announced the one-year anniversary of Megaphone Studio, the industry’s leading center of excellence for creating best-in-class audio ads for brands to deliver the best possible ad experience for podcast listeners. Serving upwards of 50 brands at any given time and leveraging tools including a fully remote audio production setup, a curated roster of podcast voiceover talent, ad effectiveness testing for audio creative, Megaphone Studio is regarded as a hub of creativity and innovation capable of handling the volume and myriad needs of the most diverse cross-industry client base in the business.

Megaphone Studio’s one-year anniversary arrives at a promising juncture for Megaphone and the podcasting space overall. Podcast listenership is up across every metric and category, bringing unprecedented interest from advertisers and media companies alike. Within the Megaphone ecosystems, monthly downloads have surged to a record 827M for the month of September. Underlying this growth is the uniquely intimate and effective medium of the podcast ad, where formats and best-practices continue to evolve as new channels and data signals emerge. Megaphone Studio was created as a center of creative excellence to push this evolution forward, by evangelizing the value of the podcast medium and its definitive creative best practices in advertising, and by maximizing that effectiveness by drawing upon the best available technology, analytics, and measurement tools—all while preserving the unique intimacy of the listening experience.

“Megaphone Studio is perfectly positioned for the growth we’re seeing in the podcast medium, by focusing on the marriage of best-in-class creative and the most sophisticated technology the industry has to offer,” said George Gehring, Senior Director of Creative Solutions at Megaphone. “Podcast audiences are the most passionate and leaned-in audiences in the mix. We create ads that emulate podcasts and therefore resonate with these audiences. Megaphone Studio’s vision is to create a team and an environment dedicated to these highly engaged audiences, delivering them the best audio ad experience while preserving the magic of the podcast medium. Through creative experimentation and innovation, and by leveraging data and analytics from creative testing, we’re able to validate the work we do and ensure that the entire industry benefits from our findings.”

As Megaphone Studio celebrates its one-year anniversary, it boasts 500 campaigns delivered, 683 spots produced, with hundreds more spots in production now. Armed with Megaphone’s best-in-class data and years of collective experience at the forefront of podcast creative, the Megaphone Studio team develops breakthrough audio creative strategies that engage users and drive measurable results. Capabilities include:

> Creative ideation and strategy

> Copywriting and script writing

> Voice-over casting and recording

> Full audio production

> Ad effectiveness testing

Having launched 500 campaigns showcasing the latest in creative possibilities for podcast advertising, Megaphone Studio is working on a number of initiatives designed to push the medium forward. Those include:

> SONIQ: audio IQ creative testing, powered by Veritonic.

> Serial Ads: a series of native content-inspired audio ads

> Audio Bookend Ads: sequential ad messaging with pre-roll and mid-roll ads

> Interactive Voice Ads: voice-enabled ads designed for smart speaker listening

Megaphone Studio is led by George Gehring, Senior Director of Creative Solutions at Megaphone. He has been instrumental in developing Megaphone Studio, calling on extensive experience in creative strategy, integrated marketing, content development, and brand communications. He’s held key positions at Condé Nast, Hearst, PVH Corp., and has consulted for Meredith and Pandora.

About Megaphone

Megaphone is a podcast technology company that provides hosting and ad-insertion capabilities for publishers and targeted ad sales for brand partners. The Megaphone platform connects enterprise-level podcasters and media companies with best-in-class tools to publish, monetize, and measure their audio content. Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) revolutionizes podcast advertising by offering brands unprecedented listener reach, true measurement, efficient execution, and guaranteed brand safety. Megaphone Studio provides end-to-end creative services for advertisers, developing breakthrough audio ads that envelop the user and drive results.

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