Terms and Policies

Reporting Abuse and Guidelines

Copyright Infringement

If a Megaphone user is using your copyrighted work without your permission, you will need to file a DMCA takedown notice. Learn more about Copyright and Fair Use.

Report a Podcast

Did you find a podcast that violates the Megaphone Community Guidelines? Please let us know by emailing: contact@megaphone.fm.

Report Abuse and Violations

Anti bullying and harassment

If you think the member's behavior has crossed the line from criticism to harassment, you can also report the member to our attention by emailing: contact@megaphone.fm.

Privacy of others / Impersonation

If you believe a Megaphone user is violating your right to privacy, please file a Privacy Complaint by emailing: contact@panoply.fm. Please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more.


Please report any spam podcasts, comments or messages you come across by emailing contact@megaphone.fm.


If you believe a Panoply user is promoting violent activity or depicting real-life violence, self-harm, extreme gore, or cruelty toward animals on their podcast, please let us know by emailing contact@megaphone.fm.  

Sexually explicit material

If you believe a Panoply user has posted sexually explicit content or pornography, please file a Sexually Explicity Language Complaint by emailing contact@megaphone.fm.