Terms and Policies

Violent Content

How does Megaphone handle violent content?

The guidelines say:

No podcasts promoting violence, self-harm or cruelty towards animals.

This means that Megaphone has the right to remove content that:

  • Verbally describes or contain imagery on the show page of brutality, people being murdered, tortured; physically or sexually abused
  • Verbally describes or depicts self-mutilation on show pages or art
  • Verbally describes animals being tortured or killed
  • Depict shocking, disgusting, or gruesome images on the show pages

Terrorist Content

Terrorist Organizations are prohibited from using Megaphone for any purpose, including recruitment. Megaphone prohibits content related to terrorism, such as content that incites violence, celebrates terrorist attacks or promotes terrorist acts.

Real Depictions of Graphic or Violent Content

Podcasts are wonderful outlets for journalists and reporters to share what is going on in the world. Megaphone understands that there may be content that discusses difficult and disturbing subject matter in a respectful and critical way. Podcasts reporting on historical or current  events, or that are documentary in nature may contain graphic content. Journalism and/or documentary podcasts have more flexibility to depict violence and the effects of violence. It’s important to think about the context in which you are presenting content that is graphic in nature. If your podcast is particularly graphic in nature, it’s important that you provide context within the podcast, episode description or show page to help listeners and Megaphone understand the content.